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Surface Treatment

Technic : Chrome plating, Nickel plating, Zinc plasting, PVD, Powder coating  & Oxidation
Material:  Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Plastic, Steel & Stainless steel
Finish Samples:


Products includes the following:       

* Plumbing                                           * Equipment parts    
* Sanitary ware                                    * Electrical parts   
* Auto parts                                          * Customers products


Production Process:




Surface Treatment

Plating Product Testing

1. Salt Spray Test According to ASTM B 368 CASS

1.- Testing Conditions                             2.- Salt Solution    
1.1 Test Temperature:                             a.- Volumen of collected  26 ml/day  
a.- Test Chamber  50 °c                          b.- P.H. of Collected  3.2   (5% Salt + 95% water)  
b.- Humidity Tower  63° c                        c.- Salt Concentration         0.25 g/l  (CuCl.2H2O)         
3.- Air Supply                                              4.- Continuity Test    
a.- Air pressure  0.10 Mpa                       a.- Exposure period  4 hrs  
 2. Plating Thickness SC-2                
Standard:  Ni Layer 8-10µm   Cr Layer  0.15 - 0.25 µm         
 3. Heat Quench Test According to ASTM B571 

1. Heat Test                                                2. Quench Test    
a.- Temperature  250+/-5°c                     a.- Temperature  25+/-3°c  
b.- Time  30 min                                         b.- Time  30min  
4. Thermal cycling Test According to ASTM B571                
1. Temperature                                        2. Cycles    
a.- High Temperature  75°c                   a.- Total cycles:  4  
b.- Low Temperature  -40°c 







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